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Middlesex ARS - W1EDH
2015 ARRL Field Day
Class 4A
Portland CT Senior Center

27 and 28 JUNE, 2015

Just a few photos of the club Field Day effort.
More to come from other club members cameras, but just wanted to get these up on the Web as soon as possible

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Gary K1MQ, Don K1CMM, Chris W1CJG on tower assembly
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K1MQ and K1CMM on beam duty
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Make the clamps tight!
Stacks Image 2747
Check the clamps again!
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A crowd admires the tower after some effort
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Finished 20-15-10 and 6 meter beams
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Tom K1KI ARRL New England Div. Director stops in to inspect the operation
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L-R, Amanda KC1DOR, Joan KA1RJO, visitor Susan
Stacks Image 2760
KA1RJO keeping the operations blood sugar at contest levels
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Mac W1FYM gets started on CW
Stacks Image 2764
Kit N1MCC on 6 Meters
Stacks Image 2766
W1FYM looking for new ones
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The three ‘other’ stations (other than CW!)
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Starting the evening shift
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Stats - QSO’s by op
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Stats - QSO’s by band / mode
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Stats - QSO rate / Hour

Photos by K1PU
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2015 ARRL Field Day